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Reliable Taxi Service Throughout Washington State

We Specialize In Passenger Transportation No Matter Where You Want To Go.

We will pick you up anywhere you are including hotels, restaurants, casinos, clubs, bars, family outings, ferry terminals, airport, etc. We’ve taken customers as far as Canada and Mexican borders as well. We will take you to your doctor’s or other medical appointments. Where ever you are, where ever you want to go, STITA Taxi will take you.

Metro’s Taxi Scrips

STITA Taxi accepts Metro’s Taxi Scrips as a form of payment. Metro’s Taxi Scrip Program serves low-income King County residents (ages 18-64) who have disability and also all elderly over age 65. Once you are registered with King County, you may buy the Taxi Scrip book from Metro at a discounted price to help you pay for your transportation needs. Learn more about Taxi Scrips.