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SeaTac is a wonderful place for visitors to Seattle to enjoy a pleasant stay, some fun sightseeing, and lots of great eats. Top rated restaurants in the city include Sharp’s Roaster and Ale House, Bull Pen Pub Bar and Grill, and Bai Tong Restaurant for the Asian cuisine enthusiast. There are also lots of great hotels to stay at for a good night’s sleep while you’re there. You can spend the day checking out the SeaTac Botanical Gardens and some lovely state parks and then party it up on the town with all the great nightlife.

You’re sure to have a blast exploring and getting to know SeaTac, but a damper can quickly be put on your fun if you don’t have your travel arrangements all lined up. After all, who wants to walk around a strange new city all day, likely getting lost and maybe missing out on some prime hot spots? The good news is that if you use STITA Taxi, you won’t have to worry about any of this. STITA Taxi is the oldest and most trusted cab company in the city and throughout Seattle, and reliable, friendly drivers can get you safely and quickly to your destination.

You can even make reservations with the cab company ahead of time to avoid getting left out in the cold. All you have to do is visit the company’s website and fill out the quick and easy reservation form with your name, contact information, the number of passengers traveling in your party, and your pickup and drop off times and locations. You can even use the form to indicate special requests or needs to your driver. If you don’t have time to get in reservations though, don’t worry. With over 200 drivers on call and a dispatch line that is open and receiving calls twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, you can always get a ride.

One of the greatest things about STITA Taxi is that the company not only cares about you and your traveling needs, but it also cares about the environment as well. STITA Taxi operates vehicles that are either hybrid or that use natural gas to reduce negative environmental impact. You can even request one of these special cabs especially, so that you’ll know you’re not hurting the planet as you ride. There really is no better or more conscientious way to travel through the city.

So, whether you’re traveling to SeaTac for business, pleasure, or a little bit of both, STITA Taxi is the answer to all of your traveling needs. Let the friendly drivers recommend great hotspots for you and your friends to visit and enjoy very affordable rates. Passengers simply pay a one-time fee when they enter the cab and then pay that same fee for each mile or partial mile, so there’s no hidden charges to worry about. When you choose to ride with STITA Cab, you’re choosing to ride with a company that truly cares and that keeps the customer’s best interests at heart.