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Puyallup is a wonderful, fun, and fast paced town, located just south of Seattle in Washington State. It is located in King County and, as such, is home to lots of fun activities and great nightlife. Visitors to the city and residents alike love enjoying authentic food, dancing the night away or sipping cocktails at various nightclubs. No matter what you plan to do while in Puyallup, we suggest making all of your traveling worries disappear by choosing to ride in style with STITA Taxi.

STITA is the top taxi company serving Puyallup and has been in business for over twenty years. The company was formed by the Port of Seattle in the hopes of providing superior service for SeaTac bound passengers and the general residents of King County. Since its inception, the company has grown to serve the Puyallup metro area, all of Pierce county, and the Puget Sound Region as well. Currently, the company has over 200 taxis and a wide range of diverse drivers. Drivers are from India, East Africa, Pakistan, Somalia, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Iran, Bangladesh, and more. The company is proud to have such diverse drivers and qualifies as a non-profit organization, along with 145 related minority owned businesses. The company prides itself on providing customer service that goes above and beyond the rest and on driving environmentally friendly vehicles. STITA Taxi owns four hybrid taxis and one-hundred and twenty natural gasoline taxis. So, when you choose STITA you’re helping the environment and local minorities as well.

You can choose to use STITA Taxi by making a reservation on the site or with one of the friendly dispatchers. Or, you can simply call when the need arises, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Be aware that not all of the taxis are natural gas operated or hybrids, but you can specifically request one of these vehicles if you desire. During peak hours, it might take a little longer to get one out to you without a reservation, but many people feel that the positive environmental impact is well worth the extra waiting time. You also have the option of requesting one of these vehicles when you make your reservation by noting it in the “special instructions” section of the form or by simply telling the dispatcher.

You can also use this form to note that special help with bags will be needed or that a handicapped passenger or passengers will be on board. The good news is that STITA Taxi is fully accommodating of the special needs or requests of its passengers and makes every effort to help everyone to travel in safety and to leave happy and satisfied. So, as you plan your trip to Puyallup or just a day around the city, make sure you include STITA Taxi in those plans. We know you’ll be more than happy that you did.